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Main Benefits
  • High quality of the liquid substances
  • High percentage of the organic substance (hummus)
  • Low fertilizer rate per unit of area
  • Easy dosage
  • Low prices
  • Packaging of 1 liter and of 0,250 liters
  • Direct delivery to client within 24 hours
  • Post-sales consultation and assistance to the client by the sales agents
  • Protected with a perforation code, located on the product label
  • Registration in Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • No hard fraction in the contents (no sediments or other substances, which ordinarily lead to the clogging of nozzles in the spraying equipment)
  • Mixability with all pesticide groups
  • Humate product; most of the micro- and macro-elements contained in it are helate (easily assimilated by plants) form
  • Included in international patent
  • Registered for use on the territory of Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Moldova, Great Britain, Egypt, Republic of Yemen, United Arab Emirates
  • Contains natural soil micro-flora
  • Sell-by date of product is 36 months from date of production in the original packaging
  • Application of the technology makes plants resistant to low temperatures and droughts
  • Contains no genetically modified microorganisms
Economic Benefits
  • In comparison, with other similar products on the market, it is the most cost effective per unit of area
  • Application of the technology for all cultures results in direct economy of chemical fertilizers – from 10 to 50 euros per hectare
  • Application of the technology for all cultures results in additional yields of up to 60 %, compared to conventional fertilizing methods
  • Application of the technology for all cultures results in additional yields of up to 70 %, compared to similar fertilizers and nutrients
  • Low transport costs, compared to the conventional and some biological fertilizers
  • The introduction of the product is done when spraying against weeds, diseases and pests are conducted, and its combination with other pesticides saves time, fuel and money
  • Financial bonus schemes, offered annually by the producer, result in direct economy of funds
  • Reduces the risk of loss of seeding material as a result of non germination of seeds and non-sprouting of seeding material by up to 15 %
  • The product helps develop a powerful root system, which for the autumn-winter crops and young perennial plants is a guarantee of smaller losses of plants and seeding material after wintering
  • Application of the product reduces the necessity for control of some economically significant plant diseases and phytopathogens residing in soils
Environmental Benefits
  • Safe for use
  • Produced with 100% natural raw materials and does not have any phytotoxic effects on the environment
  • Product is water-based
  • Belongs to the group of potassium humate fertilizers (main analogous products are sodium humates), high potassium content and prevention of the negative effects from introduction of sodium in the plant metabolism
  • The humin acids contained in the product bind with the heavy metals in the soils and transform them into “immobile” (inaccessible) forms for plants
  • Safe to insects, birds and animal species
  • Availability of “green dot” for waste recycling after product use
  • The product is a water extract of humates from the wormy compost of red California worms
  • Application of the product facilitates the process of decomposition of plant and animal wastes in the soils
Long-term Benefits
  • Systematic application of the technology results in increased humus contents of soils, i.e. increased fertility
  • Purifying effect on plants and soils
  • Improved thermal regime of soils
  • Normalizes soil pH
  • Improves soil aeration
  • Reduces the necessity of synthetic fertilizer usage
  • Helps structure soils for perennial plants, vineyards and perennial grasses and bushes facilitates the development of the root system and reduces dependence on water, nutrients and immunomodulating conditions